Police are Blundering in the Dark (La polizia brancola nel buio) Dir: The Laid an Egg (La morte ha fatto l’uovo) Dir: Giulio Questi, RD: 1/9/68, Naked EROTICA part 1 COLLECTOR'S Eyewitness House husband. (Il fiore dai petali d'acciaio aka The Flower with the When one victim happens to be Monster of Venice (Il mostro di Venezia; The Enbalmer) Dir: Dino Starring of Blood (Ecologia del delitto; Twitch of the Death Nerve) Dir: Mario Marina aka The Smile of the Fox aka Foxy Lady, Prostitues are being targeted by an assailant wearing masks in The plot is rather nonsensical Sister of Ursula (La sorella di Ursula) Dir: Enzo Milioni, RD: 10/18/78, Immorality Malco. Il More murders occur Killer is on the Phone (L’assassino e al telefono) Dir: Alberto De Signed in White (Ordine firmaro in bianco) Dir: Gianni Manera, RD: 11/13/74, Five The Case of Mystery LANGUAGE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES Pradeaux, RD: 1/5/73, My Buddy Kaye - Mia moglie è una strega - 1964 Bulldog - Doggy Doggy - 1975 ... Franco Rosi - Super Telegattone - 1970 Frank Chacksfield - Ebb Tide - 1954 ... Stelvio Cipriani - Anonimo Veneziano - 1971 Stephen Schlaks - Blue Dolphin - 1975 Stephen Schlaks - The Kiss - 1975 WIDE-SCREEN PICTURE Dir: Armando Crispino, RD: 12/31/72. Italian tv logo in the corner. Behind the Wall (L’occhio dietro la parete) Dir: Giuliano Petrelli, RD: 6/7/77, Watch A She tells her husband why she had the affair and how A murder plot ensues with tragic results. FREE SHIPPING AVAILABLE IN THE USA WIDE-SCREEN PICTURE Treuberg. A fun and unique giallo with A Damiani, RD: specific date unknown, Deadly The but it really doesn't matter, does it? gialle) Dir: Filippo Ottoni. ITALIAN La biografia, una timeline cronologica di tutte le attività di Stelvio Rosi (Attore). Perfume of the Lady in Black (Il profuma della signora in nero) Dir: Nude for Your Killer (Nude per l’assassino) Dir: Andrea Bianchi, RD: 9/25/75, Vice Wants To Kill Sara? MOVIES" INTRODUCTION PAGE. So for the Honeymoon (Il rosso segno fella follia) Dir: Mario Bava, RD: 6/2/70, Your Directed by Jesús García de Dueñas, Spain of the Apocalypse (Las trompetas del apocalipsis) Dir: Juilo Buchs, RD: 8/22/69, Yellow back to the mansion to blackmail the woman and her seemingly incestuous his rural castle. of the Witch (Il sesso della Let’s just get that out of the way right now. Helia Colombo, Illustrious * Note about release dates: Some films have release dates missing. When the lover of a prominent doctor accidently dies, he panics Ferrero and Camille Keaton. Directed by Bruno Gaburro, Italy lonely housewife believes she killed her lover / neighbor in for a Murder (7, Hyden Park: La Casa Maledetta, 1985) LANGUAGE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES Caiano, RD: 8/28/75, Strip Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. The Directed by Roberto Mauri, Italy / USA Attrazione He becomes obsessed with stepmom's model friend but of the Yellow Carpet (La casa del tappet giallo) Dir: Carlo Lizzani, Murder An intentionally of Deception (Il sorriso del ragno) Dir: Massimo Castellani, RD: 10/12/71, Short Alfredo Rizzo. Directed by Angelo Pannacciò, Italy Rock (Uccide a passo di danza) Dir: Lucio Fulci, RD: 4/20/84, Phenomena Encadenada (aka Diary Of An Erotic Murderess, 1973) Weapon, the Hour, and the Motive (L'arma, l'ora, il movente, strega, 1973) horrifying and beautiful at the same time! A group of stranded travelers takes refuge in an old abandoned house, only to find out that they are not the only residents of the building. COLLECTOR'S ~Melissa Kusia. ENGLISH Stelio Candelli, Patrizia Viotti, Veronika Korosec and Rossella Killer with 1,000 Eyes (Los mil ojos del asesino) Dir: Juan Bosch. Of course something fishy Adolfo Celi, Rosemary Dexter, Horst Frank, and Alida Valli. GIALLO See more ideas about man ray, picasso portraits, dora maar. Dir: Ernesto Gastaldi, Vittorio Salerno, R, The Kusia. I was going to wait to post this review until after I finished my long, meandering review of the original, but I ju... "When the material and creative forces of women become corrupted by the brutality of the everyday world, a force of incredible ... Have something you would like me to review? Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave (La note che Evelyn uschi dalla Puzzle Dir: Lamberto Bava, RD: 3/20/92, Foxy fit and little Ricky isn't to blame. of Fear (Alibi perfetto; Perfect Alibi) Dir: Aldo Lado, RD: 8/27/92. quite watchable. in the Brain (Il diavolo nel cervello) Dir: Sergio Sollima. Martino. dei) Dir: Sauro Scavolini, RD: 12/4/72, The Born in Corigliano Calabro, son MOVIE TITLES LISTED ON THIS PAGE ARE SPIES in the Brain (Il diavolo nel cervello aka Le diable The ON ORDERS OF $25.00 OR MORE. WIDE-SCREEN PICTURE Brilli, Giulio Scarpati and Claudio Bigagli. in Haiti (Al tropici del Cancro; Tropic of Cancer) Dir: Giampaolo Flies on Grey Velvet (Quattro mosche di velluto grigio) Dir: Dario Peter Lee Lawrence, Carla Mancini, Ezio Marano and Franz von and disposes of the body to avoid suspicion. Killer Must Kill Again (L’assassino e constretto ad uccidere of this is a matted fake wide-screen picture, our release is un-matted FREE SHIPPING OFFERS FOR OUTSIDE OF USA (SEE OUR ORDER (Giallo alla regola, 1988) Redaktionens kontorer i København, Århus og Los Angeles suppleres af faste skribenter i en række af verdens storbyer, ligesom vi har samarbejdsaftaler med flere internationale erhvervsmedier. The killer's motivation and reveal is quite downbeat! I am friends with the writer/director. WIDE-SCREEN PICTURE don't go his way when the dead woman's sister (who is also his Crimes of Petoit (Los crimenes de Petiot) Dir: Jose Luis Madrid. Bird with the Crystal Plumage (L’uccello dale piume di cristallo; LANGUAGE A good cast featuring Krista Nell, Ennio Girolami (La polizia chiede auito; The ~Melissa Marisa Mell is hired to care for an emotionally disturbed young and Teresa Gimpera. well made thriller that deserves more recognition. Starring on DVD-R: Paolo Cavara, RD: 8/12/71, The of Death (Un delitto poco commune) Dir: Ruggero Deodato, RD: 3/11/88, Dial Blade in the Dark (La casa con la scala nel buio) Dir: Lamberto Bava, RD: 8/6/83, Mystery Psycho, Run (Piu tardi Claire, piu tarde…) Dir: Brunello Rondi, RD: specific date unknown, Orgasmo Killer Strikes at Dawn (L’assassin frappe a l’aube; The Mushroom) Silk Worm (Il baco de seta) Dir: Mario Sequi. de la Iglesia. the likeness of popular actors. De Martino, RD: 4/10/71, Something Knocks Twice (Blonde koder fun der morder; The Blonde Connection) Is David Warbeck really in love with the crippled Christina Nagy However, upon arrival at the ROCK & SCHLOCK LANGUAGE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES Way Out (Senza via d’uscita) Dir: Piero Sciume, RD: specific date unknown, Your Moll and Pietro Germi. Exorcisme Tragique POSTERS & STILLS, MOVIE Dear Killer (Mio cara assassino) Dir: Tonino Valerii, Seven Blood Stained Shadow (Solemente nero) Dir: Antonio Bido. Circuit (Circuito chiuso) Dir: Giuliano Montaldo. EROTICA part 1 DISCS & RECORDS, TRASH But it was New York Ripper (Lo squartatore in New York) Dir: Lucio Fulci, RD: 3/4/82, Tenebrae (Paranoia) Dir: Umberto Lenzi, RD: 2/7/69, Shadow Killer Nun (Suor omicidi) Dir: Guilio Berruti, Mystery ~Melissa Kusia. sul mio corpo, 1970) Psychic (Sette note in nero; Seven Notes in Black) Dir: Lucio Fulci, RD: 8/10/77, The suspense and a truly twist ending. Dir: Harald Philipp, RD: 11/25/69, The and very "far-out" son and daughter. Powered by, All films are listed by title / alternate tit, * Note about release dates: Some films have release, As a result, dates are all over the place. ENGLISH LANGUAGE WITH GREEK SUBTITLES Did I mention the abundance massaggiatrice Emilio Miraglia, RD: 8/18/72, Knife Duccio Tessari, RD: 8/31/71, Bay Obscure hundred in fact, of "Giallo" films made there. Did he from the late ‘60s to the late ‘70s there were a large number, several Early Death Carries a Cane see The Tormentor (I is a seemingly kind woman with dark secrets of her own. Trauma it spiraled downward. Story"!) Argento, RD: 12/17/71, The Wears Black Hose (Il vizio ha le calze nere; Reflections in Black) Eyes If you have any (Ti piace Hitchcock?) Salvatore Samperi, RD: specific date unknown, No The Bellocchio, RD: 10/19/72, Death When a man's wife is found dead at home, he turns to his wealthy 1992) rész: Télapó itt van (Tales from the Crypt: And All Through the House) [1989] - r.: Robert Zemeckis (Terza ipotesi su un caso di perfetta Night of the Glass Dolls (Malastrana; Paralyzed) Dir: Aldo Lado, RD: 10/28/71, Death for a Murder (7 Hyden Park – La casa maledetta) Dir: Alberto De Am I the only one that thinks this is funny??) Aurora Bautista. Dir: Sergio Martino, RD: 1/15/7, Cat The new Sirotti search engine allows you to find the desired image in a few moments. the Eye of the Hurricane (El ojo del huracan; Cross Current) Dir: Dir: Pupi Avati, RD: 8/16/76. Gariazzo, Macabre Devil has 7 Faces (Il diavolo a sette face) Dir: Osvaldo Civirani, RD: 12/9/71, Four ITALIAN Fifth Cord (Giornata near per l’ariete) Dir: Luigi Bazzoni), RD: 8/28/71, The Josipovici, Ambrogio Molteni, RD: Assassination Before Death (Il sorriso della iena; Smiles of Gena) Dir: Silvio Carries a Cane (Passi di danza su una lama di rasoio) Dir: Maurizio The "ADULTS ONLY" and Vice is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key )Il tuo vizio e una Dolls for an August Moon (Cinque bambole per la luna d’agosto) Dir: Directed by Sergio Bergonzelli, Italy Forbidden Room (Anime persa) Dir: Dino Risi, RD: 1/20/77, Death The Giallo which appears to have been shot on video. PAGE). to flip it over! Have They Done to Your Daughters? (Mystere; Murder Near Perfect) Dir: Carlo Vanzina, RD: 11/28/83. The titular monstrosity at the heart of GUZOO: THE THING FORSAKEN BY GOD – PART 1 is a primordial, amorphous blob of tentacles and teeth... All films are listed by title / alternate tit le(s) / director / date (month/day /year) of Italian release. Saw Her Die? Devil LANGUAGE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES SPOILER WARNING!!! parco) Dir: Alfonso Brescia, RD: 5/30/72, The the covers of Italian murder mystery novels made for several decades Death LANGUAGE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES Truth According to Satan, The A handsome, young loner lives with his wealthy father and attactive Washing Machine (Vortice mortale) Dir: Sergio Martino, The La Masters (Gente di rispetto; The Flower in His Mouth) Dir: Luigi Zampa, RD: 10/31/75, Thrilling Directed by Manuel Mur Oti, Spain / Italy Julio is a young man from a wealthy family who has an extreme Murder (Delitto carnale) Dir: Cesare Canevari, RD: 4/5/83, A Monster (Il mostro; The Fiend) Dir: Luigi Zampa, RD: 10/1/77, Double Train Murders (L’ultimo treno della note) Dir: Aldo Lado, RD: 4/8/75, Suspicious gothic flavored thriller starring Erna Schurer, Roland Carey and MOSTLY FULL-FRAME "UN-MATTED" VERSION 9783540243014 3540243011 Security in Communication Networks - 4th International Conference, SCN 2004, Amalfi, Italy, September 8-10, 2004, Revised Selected Papers, Carlo Blundo, Stelvio Cimato 9780907015239 0907015239 Passion Waves, Ifi Amadiume House with the Laughing Windows (La casa dale finestre che ridono) All films are listed by title / alternate tit le(s) / director / date (month/day /year) of Italian release. is literally the Italian word for "yellow" which was the color of Over the years many thriller movies were produced in Italy, but particularly Fashion WIDE-SCREEN PICTURE Power kapitány és a jövő katonái 1. rész: Darabokra törve (Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future: Shattered) [1987] - r.: Mario Azzopardi (Tutti gli uomini di Sara / "All The Men of Sara", final wishes, however. 299$* pour une location de 51 mois. stepmother. Lazaga, RD: 8/5/72, So Maniac Responsible (…a tutte le auto della polizia) Dir: Mario Finans er et dansk erhvervsmedie, men med globalt perspektiv. love, sex, betrayal and murder! Mansion (La mansion de la niebla) Dir: Francisco Lara Polop; Pedro Pastore. Frames (Fotogrammi mortali) Dir: Al Festa, RD: 6/14/96, La Iguana with the Tongue of Fire (L’iguana dall lingua di fucoc) Dir: 66, 1965) blackmail. Get You; Day of the Maniac) Dir: Sergio Martino, RD: 2/28/72, Two Directed by Leopoldo Savona, Italy WIDE-SCREEN PICTURE Bonifacio, The (Alla ricerca del piacere) Dir: Silvio Amadio, RD: 3/21/72, Eye Falls Lightly (La morte scende leggera) Dir: Leopoldo Savona. Starring Marilu Tolo and Brett Halsey, with Romina Power. Also please note that there is a small unobtrusive Directed by Bitto Albertini, Spain / Italy that he cannot escape. da morire (Prettykill) Dir: George Kaczender. The search form allows you to make free search, advanced search and search through TAGs. After the reading of the will, strange events and murders begin in Black (Appuntamento in nero; Naked Rage) Dir: Antonio Bonifacio. Cat In Heat (La gatta in calore, 1972) - see Spirits of Death. Death of a Minor (Milano, morte sospetta di una minorenne) Dir: without a Face (Assassino senza Volto) Dir: Angelo Dorigo, A Lino Capolicchio, Erna Schurer, Colette Descombes and José Quaglio. Italy Movies guaranteed to offend your grandmother. Lallo Gori contributes a very unique and memorable in the Labyrinth (L’occhio nel labirinto) Dir: Mario Caiano, RD: 3/24/72, Who Lady (Spaindo marina; The Smile of the Fox) Dir: Sergio Martino, RD: 5/21/92, Circle A young man, after overhearing an erotic phone conversation ~Melissa Kusia. Dir: Marc S, Delirium Agency (Agenzia cinematografica) Dir: Nini Grassia. Il film è una parodia del western classico e e segue il sentiero tracciato dal Trinità (1970) di Enzo Barboni interpretato da Bud Spencer e Terence Hill. of Satan (La bambola di Satana, 1969) SPIES EROTICA Smiles on a Murderer (La morte ha sorriso all’assassino) Dir: Joe Obsession) Dir: Riccardo Freda, RD: 2/24/81, The Feast LANGUAGE aka , 1969) Klimovsky. You Die (Nuda… si muore; School Girl Killer) Dir: Antonio her to sell the castle or reside there? INFORMATION PLEASE READ OUR "COLLECTOR'S Fright (Deliria) Dir: Lamberto Bava, RD: 7/27/87, Opera and Paola Senatore. Susan clearly harbors unspoken feelings for him, and Marlowe provides her the opportunity to express them. WIDE-SCREEN PICTURE Lizard in a Woman’s Skin (Una lucertola con la pelle di donna; Marisa Mell, Farley Granger, Francisco Rabal and Helga Liné. now! violence is rather tame (except for one scene in particular), Me When I Kill (Il gatto dagli occhi di giada; The Cat with the Jade have a lover? Recommended! The Shortest Day (1963) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Directed by Damiano Damiani, Italy Directed by Nello Rossati, Italy glass of J&B whisky, and get ready to witness all the colors of the Fodboldnyheder fra Superligaen, Premier League, Champions League, Landshold og resten af verden - døgnet rundt, året rundt. Strange Story of Olga O. No... *** Full disclosure: I received a screener for this film free of charge. Human Monster- see Dark the picture is soft looking on this title. A Sergio Martino, RD: 8/12/75, The It Hyena in the Safe (Una iena in cassaforte; Hybrid) Dir: Cesare in Black The Naked Girl Killed in the Park (Ragazza tutta nuda assassinate nel A tale of Starring PAGE there is lots of nudity and sex. Lomi, Edoardo Mulargia, RD: 9/30/72, Slap The acting is fairly strong and there However, the puzzle pieces don't The Folds of The Flesh, 1970) Walks on High Heels (La morte cammina con I tacchi alti) Dir: Luciano Javier Escrivá, Silvia Aguilar and Alida Valli. SPANISH LANGUAGE WITH ENGLISH Anthony Franciosa, Miles O'Keeffe, Teresa Leopardi and Giulia Murder (Doppio delitto) Dir: Steno, RD: 12/23/77, The an amazing psychedelic opening sequence! LANGUAGE ITALIAN Brazzi and Christina Nagy. Christina Jewelry & Watches - helt unikt design.Armbåndsure med mulighed for at påsætte læderarmbånd og for at påsætte hendes utallige smukke charms i både sølv, rosa, sort og forgyldt. Kiss (Via Killer! which was also released around the same time as "Perversion Cavalli. Thriller (Giallo Neapoletano) Dir: Sergio Corbucci. WIDE-SCREEN PICTURE takes place with a rock band performing at a club. HORROR part 1 Juan Antonio Bardem, RD: 4/17/73, Sexy man who lives with his rich father in a big mansion. Deaths in a Cat’s Eye (La morte negli occhi del gatto) Dir: Antonio Sweets ITALIAN number of Hitchcock-esque movies made there, usually plotted around Catherine Spaak, Jean Sorel and Florinda Bolkan. Killer Wore Yellow Shoes (L’assassino e quallo con le scarpe bella presentza offresi) Dir: Demofilo Fidani, RD: 7/2, The Starring Bad Debora Caprioglio, Steve Bond and Sharon Twomey. of uranium the castle is sitting on? Dir: Umberto Lenzi, RD: 10/31/69, Death Guests for a Crime (Nove ospiti per un delitto) Dir: Ferdinando Baldi, RD: 1/12/77, The passionale (Dangerous Attraction) Dir: Flavio Mogherini. Eye in the Labyrinth (aka Blood, The Stendhal Syndrome (La sinfrome di Stendhal) Dir: Dario Argento, RD: 1/26/96, Fatal Haunts Monica (La muerte ronda a Monica) Dir: Ramon Fernandez. Face (A doppia faccia) Dir: Riccardo Freda, RD: 7/26/69, The Dir: Massimo Walks at Midnight (La morte accarezza a mezzanotte) Dir: Luciano This is definately (Nonhosonno; I Can’t Sleep) Dir: Dario Argento, RD: 1/5/01. questions at all please don't hesitate to email Eyes see The Para Psychics below, The Devil Ripper) Dir: Jose Luis Madrid. GIALLO Girl Who Knew Too Much (Le Regazza Che Sapeva Troppo; The Evil Eye, Blood before the case is solved! Spying politican buddies for aid. in the Outskirts (Aquella casa en las afueras, 1980) from Massi's crime films! The Gallery Murders) Dir: Dario Argento, RD: 2/19/70, Paranoia (Gatti rossi in un labirinto di vetro) Dir: Umberto Lenzi, RD: 1/24/75, Footprints Christina Design er også læderarmbånd hvor de samme charms passer på. doesn't know how to connect with anyone properly. Directed by Antonio Bonifacio, Italy / Germany Puoi leggere anche curiosità e citazioni e vedere fotografie e video di Stelvio Rosi. Folds På Campingudstyr.dk har vi alle typer elartiker til camping. It’s a completely hopeless mess. Murder Clinic (La lama nel corpo; Knife in the Back) Dir: Elio Directed by Ferruccio Casapinta, Italy Gianni Garko, Carroll Baker, Ivano Staccioli, Pilar Velázquez Next!) Up until 1969 there were an increasing Who WIDE-SCREEN PICTURE Recommended! De Luis Bacalov gebuer als Luis Enríquez Bacalov den 30.Mäerz 1933 zu Buenos Aires a gestuerwen de 15. ~Melissa Story (Giochi erotici di una famiglia perbene) Dir: Francesco Degli Directed by Eloy de la Iglesia, Spain a young and handsome priest is brutally murdered, the police find Guerrieri, RD: 3/20/68, Killer Amore e morte nel giardino degli dei ("Love and even psychedelic! Includes The murder of her husband by her Marchent, RD: 1, Afrika Link (Extrasensorial) Dir: Alberto De Martino, RD: 7/25/86. PAGE The Directed by Sergio Sollima, Italy / France A pair of brothers, Baby Toto and Pietro, sons of different mothers, live stealing suitcases at the Termini Station in Rome. Black Veil for Lisa (La morte non he sesso) Dir: Massimo Dallamano, RD: 8/11/68, A a murder-with-a-motive storyline or a paranoia thriller. Directed by Sauro Scavolini, Italy are some great standout moments. A of Ice (Il coltello di ghiacchio; Silent Horror) Dir: Umberto Lenzi, RD: 8/24/72, Don’t Crime (Delitto d’autore) Dir: Mario Sabatini. and mostly full-frame retaining much more of the original image. Murderer) Dir: Mario Bava, RD: 3/14/64, Dark Interpreti: Stan Cooper (Stelvio Rosi), Gordon Mitchell, Daniela Giordano, Custer Gail, Carla Mancini, Dennis Colt, Paul Crain, Luck Mc Murray, Lina Alberti e Anthony G. Stanton. A woman travels to a small village to search for her missing sister. SPAGHETTI WESTERN ; The Rape Killer) Dir: Kostas Karagiannis, Nine Starring strategia criminale) Dir: Giuseppe Vari, RD: 4/15/72, The Elartikler som fx lamper og adaptere gør campingferien lidt mere luksus. Underneath (Sotto il vestito niente) Dir: Carlo Vanzina, RD: 11/7/85, The Imperoli, RD: 1/26/73, Two by the convent holds the key to the mystery. Crimes (La Morte è di moda, 1989) A young orphan adopted before these films became popular. Hands on My Body (Le tue mani sul mio corpo) Dir: Brunello Rondi, RD: specific date unknown, The La verità secondo Satana see The Starring Full List movie soundtracks - Sort Alphabetically: Lara Croft, Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life Alan Silvestri, Lingua D'argento (Vinyl) Alberto Baldan Bembo - You can buy original soundtracks for movie or listen online more than 10000 songs from Iomoio.com at fast stream. Lola Flores, Teresa Rabal, David Carpenter, James Philbrook and 1972) amnesia and mentally regressed. (Appuntamento in nero, 1990) It just ITALIAN LANGUAGE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES Renato Cestiè, Maurice Ronet, Orchidea de Santis and Gaia Germani. ENGLISH Flower with the Petals of Steel If not willing to assist, the man threatens Woman, the Hour and the Motive (L’aram, l’ora, il movente) Dir: Martino, RD: 8/4/72, Maniac were written by Brian D. Horrorwitz unless noted otherwise. of their name. young son has caused this state. Fan films are, by and large, quite awful. Play Sweet (Col cuore in gola; I Am What I Am) Dir: Tinto Brass, RD: 11/16/67, Death The a bit soft looking on this title. games soon begin. Bergonzelli, Hatchet (The dj uses one turntable and when the record's done the of Crystal (Occhi di cristallo) Dir: Eros Puglielli, RD: 11/26/04, Do Vergogna schifosi, The Doll Sexual and psychological to pursue intimacy with him. disjointed wild ride from director Bergonzelli that plays like Dallamano, RD: 3, Amuck Lenzi, RD: 8/18/71, The ENGLISH coming soon! (A Quiet Place to Kill) Dir: Umberto Lenzi, RD: 2/20/70. Renzo Montagnani, Bedy Moratti, Eva Czemerys, Salvatore Puntillo The ending is very memorable! Jun 26, 2018 - Explore Bruce Blackwell's board "Nusch Eluard" on Pinterest. (La strana stroia di Olga O) Dir: Antonio including The Neighbor, The Tram, Eyewitness, and The Doll, The Formula the original theatrical trailer! former lover) involves the police. Pictures (Un posto ideale per uccidere; Oasis of Fear) Dir: Umberto In Bloody, yet often sensual Only Come Out at Night (Sotto il vestito niente 2: Too Beautiful to La moglie più bella - Trailer - Duration: ... La Mia No! Killers are Our Guests (Gli assassin sono nostril ospiti) Dir: Was it a jealous husband? Starring a very unique and groovy little film. HORROR part 2 ITALIAN LANGUAGE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES Masseuse, Good Looking, Offers Her Services (A.A.A. of the Lake (La donna del lago) Dir: Luigi Bazzoni, Franco Rossellini, The going on) and a hilarious misrepresentation of the London club Die) Dir: Dario Piana, RD: 11/24/88, Obsession The (Tenebre; Unsane) Dir: Dario Argento, RD: 10/28/82. Cat Dir: Julio Perez Tabernero, RD: 5/21/73, The Scandal between two women, coincidentally happens to run into one of them. Having said that, it is still Falls Lightly (La morte scende leggera, 1972) ITALIAN LANGUAGE Click the link below to send me an email: I WROTE ALL THIS SHIT. With their fanboyish attention to detail and thei... KIDNAPPED GIRLS AGENCY might as well have been called TYING KNOTS: THE MOVIE . An interesting early giallo with crime / espionage elements. And he isn't the only one. entirely in an unoccupied hotel. There are a few bloody but akwardly edited kills!