ƒ ​₣ ​ Particularly during the 1990s, Spanish-speaking intellectuals and news outlets demonstrated support for the language and the culture by defending this letter against globalisation and computerisation trends that threatened to remove it from keyboards and other standardised products and codes. [39][40], On Unix-like operating systems (including AIX, BSD, Linux and macOS), tilde normally indicates the current user's home directory. Non tutti i caratteri e i simboli grafici sono presenti sulla tastiera; lo sanno bene tutti coloro che hanno provato a cercare la tilde (~), un simbolo che per molti anni è stato usato piuttosto di frequente negli indirizzi delle pagine Web. This file contains information about which user has the file open, to prevent multiple users from attempting to change a document at the same time. When used in conversations via email or instant messenger it may be used as a sarcasm mark. L'accento circonflesso può trovarsi soltanto su una vocale lunga (ᾱ, η, ῑ, ω, ῡ) o su un dittongo, e non oltre la penultima sillaba. simbolo, circa, uguale, oro, matematica. Chiaretta. In physics and astronomy, a tilde can be used between two expressions (e.g. It can approximate the sine wave symbol (∿, U+223F), which is used in electronics to indicate alternating current, in place of +, −, or ⎓ for direct current. On Linux: Alt Gr+4, or Alt Gr+¡ followed by Space. Sorsero quindi diversi segni codificati, tra cui la stessa tilde, la quale nasce come stilizzazione delle lettere m e n; era sovrapposta alle vocali (es. La tilde è un segno diacritico (~) appartenente —fra gli altri— ai sistemi ortografici del portoghese e del castigliano, nonché al greco antico (dov’è però chiamata accento circonflesso). Come scrivere > il simbolo diesis, chiocciola, tilde, copyright e maiuscole accentate . Immetti immediatamente la lettera da accentuare (A, N o O) per creare caratteri minuscoli con segni di accento tilde. ℳ ​₥ ​ Unicode has code-points for many forms of tilde, for symbols incorporating tildes, and for characters visually similar to a tilde: Most modern proportional fonts align the plain ASCII spacing tilde at the same level as dashes, or only slightly upper. ₪ ​ So che dovrei usare la combinazione fn+alt+126 se non ho tastierino, ma non ho né il "tastierino nascosto" dietro le lettere, né funziona usando i numeri della seconda riga (ovvero i numeri che non sono nel tastierino numerico, in teoria). Il simbolo circa viene usato nell' arrotondamento di un numero decimale non periodico o nelle conversioni non esatte tra unità di misura The tilde is used in the AWK programming language as part of the pattern match operators for regular expressions: A variant of this, with the plain tilde replaced with =~, was adopted in Perl, and this semi-standardization has led to the use of these operators in other programming languages, such as Ruby or the SQL variant of the database PostgreSQL. In addition, most native speakers, although not all, use the word español to refer to their language. From shop PortlandPandemonium. For the Swedish singer, see, Unicode and Shift JIS encoding of wave dash, Several more or less common informal names are used for the tilde that usually describe the shape, including, Martin, Charles Trice (1910). In OCaml, the tilde is used to specify the label for a labeled parameter. And similarly to the National Basketball Association (NBA), the Spain men's national basketball team is nicknamed "ÑBA". Abbastanza simile quindi al doppio tilde come significato. In APL and MATLAB, tilde represents the monadic logical function NOT, and in APL it additionally represents the dyadic multiset function without (set difference). Abbastanza simile quindi al doppio tilde come significato. (e.g. - approssimazione: x e' circa y, sta a significare che la differenza x-y e' trascurabile per il risultato. ) is the equilibrium part and Per quanto riguarda il triangolo dalla tavola unicode sembra che sia simile all'uguale con il def... cioé uguale per definizione. ... 1 decade ago. On The Open Group UNIX ® based systems, you must use slash only. The net result is thus only the removal of the decimal part). {\displaystyle X} This article is about the punctuation and diacritical mark. Name: Slash and Backslash. Before a number the tilde can mean 'approximately; '~42' means 'approximately 42'. This avoided a shape definition error in the Unicode code charts: the wave dash reference glyph in JIS / Shift JIS[22][23] matches the Unicode reference glyph for U+FF5E,[24] while the reference glyph for U+301C[25] was reflected, incorrectly,[26] when Unicode imported the JIS wave dash. The tilde was also used occasionally to make other abbreviations, such as over the letter ⟨q⟩, making q̃, to signify the word que ("that"). London, preface, p.5, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "26 argumentos para seguir defendiendo la Ñ", "Batalla de la Ñ: Una aventura quijotesca para defender el alma de la lengua", "All Elementary Mathematics – Mathematical symbols dictionary", "HTML 4.0 Entities for Symbols and Greek Letters", "Math Symbols... Those Most Valuable and Important: Approximately Equal Symbol", "Appendix 1: Shift_JIS-2004 vs Unicode mapping table", "ISO-IR-087: Japanese Graphic Character Set for Information Interchange", "ISO-IR-233: Japanese Graphic Character Set for Information Interchange, Plane 1", "Map (external version) from Mac OS Korean encoding to Unicode 3.2 and later", "MySQL :: Reference Manual :: Bit Functions and Operators", "The Groovy programming language - Operators", "Keyboard Help: Learn to create accent marks and other diacritics on a computer", List of typographical symbols and punctuation marks, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Tilde&oldid=992475721, Articles containing Bengali-language text, Articles containing Malayalam-language text, Articles containing Sinhala-language text, Articles containing Kannada-language text, Articles needing additional references from February 2016, All articles needing additional references, Articles containing Spanish-language text, Articles containing Portuguese-language text, Articles with unsourced statements from March 2016, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Articles with unsourced statements from November 2008, Articles with unsourced statements from February 2012, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A WITH BREVE AND TILDE, LATIN SMALL LETTER A WITH BREVE AND TILDE, LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A WITH CIRCUMFLEX AND TILDE, LATIN SMALL LETTER A WITH CIRCUMFLEX AND TILDE, LATIN CAPITAL LETTER E WITH CIRCUMFLEX AND TILDE, LATIN SMALL LETTER E WITH CIRCUMFLEX AND TILDE, MODIFIER LETTER SMALL L WITH MIDDLE TILDE, LATIN SMALL LETTER L WITH DOUBLE MIDDLE TILDE, COMBINING LATIN SMALL LETTER L WITH DOUBLE MIDDLE TILDE, LATIN CAPITAL LETTER O WITH CIRCUMFLEX AND TILDE, LATIN SMALL LETTER O WITH CIRCUMFLEX AND TILDE, LATIN CAPITAL LETTER O WITH HORN AND TILDE, LATIN CAPITAL LETTER O WITH TILDE AND ACUTE, LATIN SMALL LETTER O WITH TILDE AND ACUTE, LATIN CAPITAL LETTER O WITH TILDE AND DIAERESIS, LATIN SMALL LETTER O WITH TILDE AND DIAERESIS, LATIN CAPITAL LETTER O WITH TILDE AND MACRON, LATIN SMALL LETTER O WITH TILDE AND MACRON, LATIN SMALL LETTER R WITH FISHHOOK AND MIDDLE TILDE, LATIN SMALL LETTER TURNED R WITH MIDDLE TILDE, LATIN CAPITAL LETTER U WITH HORN AND TILDE, LATIN CAPITAL LETTER U WITH TILDE AND ACUTE, LATIN SMALL LETTER U WITH TILDE AND ACUTE. Premilo e, tenendolo premuto, premi il simbolo del “tilde“. For example, to say that a consumer is indifferent between bundles x and y, an economist would write x ~ y. y 0 3. Libras ad pensam. ), ma poteva anche esser collocata sopra alcune consonanti o in abbreviazioni più complesse (es. , The tilded ⟨n⟩ (⟨ñ⟩, ⟨Ñ⟩) developed from the digraph ⟨nn⟩ in Spanish. : /~bill). Ciao a tutti, sono nuovo di windows 7. Used in mathematics. Nei sistemi Unix-like come Linux, la tilde indica la home directory dell'utente corrente, oppure di un altro utente, se anteposta ad uno username.[2]. It uses the tilde on the vowels ⟨a⟩ and ⟨o⟩. When the 'normal' character was typed, it is printed under the previously-typed tilde, creating the desired accented character. In particolare, in portoghese (ma anche in altre lingue come il guaranì, il dialetto sardo di Cabras e nel francese arcaico) la tilde è invece il segno diacritico della nasalizzazione della vocale sopra la quale è posta. On many keyboards it is primarily available through a dead key that makes it possible to produce a variety of precomposed characters with the diacritic. ). [43] Thus, http://www.example.com/~johndoe/ and http://www.example.com/%7Ejohndoe/ will behave in the same manner. These are encoded in Unicode with many precomposed characters as well as individually at .mw-parser-output .monospaced{font-family:monospace,monospace}U+0303 ◌̃ .mw-parser-output span.smallcaps{font-variant:small-caps}.mw-parser-output span.smallcaps-smaller{font-size:85%}COMBINING TILDE and U+007E ~ TILDE (as a spacing character), and there are additional similar characters for different roles. the acute accent in José,[13] while the diacritic in ⟨ñ⟩ is called "virgulilla" (IPA: [birɣuˈliʝa]). In the C, C++ and C# programming languages, the tilde character is used as bitwise NOT operator, following the notation in logic (an ! {\displaystyle (x_{1},x_{2},x_{3},\ldots ,x_{n})={\underset {^{\sim }}{\mathbf {x} }}} So as not to sacrifice two of the tightly limited keys to ã Ã õ Õ, the decision was made to make the ~ a separate "dead" character in which the carriage holding the paper did not move after the symbol was typed. Il simbolo del circa viene per lo più impiegato nell'arrotondamento di un numero. 1) Press the "Alt" key on your keyboard, and do not let go. - approssimazione: x e' circa y, sta a significare che la differenza x-y e' trascurabile per il risultato. The tilde symbol is also often used to prefix hidden temporary files that are created when a document is opened in Windows. It is a weaker statement than stating that x equals y. Contiene sia 1-256 e 0128-0256 gamme di codice. or c. and less frequently circ., cca. {\displaystyle {\tilde {f}}} As indicated by the etymological origin of the word "tilde" in English, this symbol has been closely associated with the Spanish language. In MATLAB rappresenta l'operatore logico NOT. x To insert a tilde with the dead key, it is often necessary to simultaneously hold down the Alt Gr key. x Is this a string "134" (addition of two numbers), or "12014" (concatenation of strings) or something else? For a wider tilde \widetilde can be used. 2 If a and b denote objects, the boolean expression a ~ b has value true if and only if these objects are equal, as defined by the applicable version of the library routine is_equal, which by default denotes field-by-field object equality but can be redefined in any class to support a specific notion of equality. When an ⟨n⟩ or ⟨m⟩ followed a vowel, it was often omitted, and a tilde (physically, a small ⟨N⟩) was placed over the preceding vowel to indicate the missing letter; this is the origin of the use of tilde to indicate nasalization (compare the development of the umlaut as an abbreviation of ⟨e⟩.) The tilde , ˜ or ~), is a grapheme with several uses. ៛ ​₽ ​₹ ₨ ​ Modern use often replaces the tilde with the negation symbol (¬) for this purpose, to avoid confusion with equivalence relations.

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